Amnesia Mai Hanamura L1347 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case

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Spesification of Thermoplastic Polyurethane ( TPU Case )

  • Rubber material is flexible and comfortable
  • Convenient on the hand is not slippery
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Protect from impact perfectly
  • Cover all HP bodies
  • Texture Brushed
  • Cut Outs for All Controls & Cameras

Mobile phones are now very expensive equipment (the same costs as high-end PCs) so it makes sense to do everything possible to protect them from accidents. That is the reason TPU Case offers several advantages over a hard plastic cover. The first TPU offers a good shock absorption (if you drop your cellphone). While the hard plastic cover transfers the impact directly to your phone. TPU Case also offers better grip on the hand so you don't drop it easily the hard cover can be very slippery especially when wet. TPU is also easier to remove and replace when cleaning your cellphone, TPU Case also provides more tight results like dust seals around your cellphone so dirt tends to be left behind your phone which will cause subtle abrasion over time. This matte TPU mattress is made from the perfect blend of high-quality polycarbonate and soft TPU which provides a good grip. When the phone is inserted, the cover protrudes slightly above the screen so that when placed face down the glass screen will not be damaged.

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