Troy Lee Designs P51 grey E1529 LG V40 ThinQ Case

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Everyone who owns a phone will want to protect it from danger and damage.Case protection is the solution. Case will provide security and protection for your phone from dirt, danger and impact. And with this protection case you can easily access the buttons on the phone, and no need to remove the case to charge the phone. This case made from plastic and TPU material.


  • Lightweight design, convenient to carry.
  • Easy access to all buttons and features.
  • The case covers the back and corners of your phone.
  • Protects your phone from external scratches and shocks or dirt.
  • The back is made of plate, the other 4 sides are made of TPU.
  • Unique design, controls & ports are easily accessible without having to remove the case, providing a comfortable grip, adding protection against accidents
  • protect your cellphone from dust, scratches and shocks
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